Gernot Wagner #255 8/2002 - Cedar / Brasilian / Double top / Nomex

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Luthier: Gernot Wagner, Germany
Year: 2002
Top: Cedar / Double top / Nomex
Serial number: 255
Back & Sides: Brazilian Rosewood
Scale length: 650 mm
Nut width: 52 mm
Rodgers tuners
Finish: French Polish (2002)
Hiscox case
Condition: Need new French Polish. 2006 top repaired by Gernot Wanger.
CITES certificate: No
Price: 10.500€ (+ Shipping)
Location: Aarbergen, Germany. (Near Frankfurt, Antonius Müller workshop)


Very good concert guitar I was playing for more than 14 years. The top is so thin that in 2006 recording complete works by Turina the guitar suffered an accident, hitting an acoustic panel of the hall. I decided to send it to Wagner for repair and he decided to add a piece of wood in the area to ensure the sound connections without exchange the top. In 2019 I talked to him and he told me that changing the top costs between 2,000€-2.500€ but he is very busy and I have to wait long time to exchange. The price for a new one is 13.000€ and he has 8 years waiting list.

I spoke with David Russell, Antonius Muller and Dennis Tolz about the instrument. They all recommend me not change the top because then will be another guitar. So, I reduce you the price of a new top just in case you want to exchange in the future.

Be careful that the guitar has no CITES certificate - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - for the Brazilian and with the new 2019 Geneva trade rules you can not ship this guitar around the world due presence of dalbergia, Brazilian rosewood. I mean, you can inside Europe or inside USA via Fedex, UPS etc, but you can not import or export. Of course you can travel with the instrument around the world if the guitar goes with you as personal baggage.

Wager guitars are very loud, resonant, easy to play, powerful, projection, volume and low weight.
Due the waiting list the guitar can cost more than 20k with perfect top.
It depends on the guitar and how famous the luthier but usually every year you want to save of the waiting list it will cost you ± 1,000. I waited seven years for my new guitar so you can imagine the price if I want a new Antonius Muller right now from a guitar dealer.

Do not worry about the sound, if you do not mind this piece of wood in the top, the guitar sounds like a very expensive Wagner.
I recorded 2 CD´s with this high quality instrument

A couple of months ago I was testing my new Muller with friends here in Galicia and we compare Stephan Connor, Matthias Dammann, Robert Ruck, Thomas Humphrey, Antonius Muller and Gernot Wager in the same session. All guitarist agree that all guitars sound different but Wagner has the immaculate craftsmanship.

My last concerts with this powerful Wagner:

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